When a director did such an act with Nore Fatehi, the actress was leaving the country


New Delhi / Team Digital. In this glamorous world of glamor, there will be many people full of enthusiastic people who will try to take advantage of you by just showing you bigdreams.In the same situation, bollywood industry is where many famous actresses have fallen victim to casting couch. At the same time, the name of famous actress Nora Fatehi is also included in this list.

When a female director did such an act with Nore Fatehi Recently, the actress has talked about this bad experience which has now become a topic of discussion in the corridors of B-Town. Recently she appeared as a guest on Kareena Kapoor’s chat show What Women Wants. During this, he spoke openly on many thingsNora told how she had to face the lousyness to achieve a high position in Bollywood and how she faced rejection in the early career. Nora said that ‘I did not know anyone here when Canada first came to India. At the same time, I found it very difficult to make a name in the industry of life recognition.But in the meantime, a lady casting director called me to her house in connection with the work. But when I went to meet him, he insulted me a lot instead of giving me work. ‘ Nora further says that ‘That woman had scolded me a lot and even told me to be talentless. He told me, there are a lot of people like you here. Our industry has become troubled by people like you.She was screaming at me. Then I felt very bad and I cried a lot. I did not even know them. They had called me to their house just to shout at me. Then I was new in this country, so I thought that everyone here behaves like this. Calling people home shouts at them.

During the conversation, Kareena told Nora that my husband Saif Ali Khan is a big fan of her dance. To which Nora Fatehi thanked Kareena Kapoor saying that I am hoping that Taimur will grow up soon, I can think of an engagement or marriage between me and her. Kareena laughed as soon as she heard Nora’s statement and said that she is 4 years old.I think it’s still a long time. After listening to this talk of Kareena, Nara said that no matter what, I will wait.