Turkey came to its knees to seek revenge, this request from America


Ankara: Turkey, threatening to take revenge on the sanctions imposed on the Russian S-400 missile system, is now seeking talks with the US. Turkey’s defense minister appealed to the new US administration to negotiate with Turkey and review the decision to ban the country over the purchase of the S-400 missile system. This appeal has been made when the US has made it clear that sanctions will not be lifted until Turkey abandons Russian defense technology.

For the first time, a law was used against NATO’s partner country
In December, the US banned four Turkish officials under an American law called CAATSA, aimed at reducing Russian influence. The ban also includes a ban on export licenses for Turkey’s defense industry. For the first time, the law has been used to punish NATO’s partner country.

The rift between America and Turkey deepened
These sanctions have deepened the rift between the US and Turkey. There are already many disputes between the two countries on a wide range of issues, including Turkish military action in Syria and elsewhere. Aker said, “This way things should not be spoiled. Let’s sit and talk together and solve the problem. “However, US officials have ruled out the possibility of talks with Turkey. He has also said that sanctions cannot be lifted as long as there is a Russian air-defense system on Turkish soil.