This 14-year-old player got the title of ‘Grandmaster’, playing 16 tournaments in three months


New Delhi: Indian players are seen waving their glory well. In this episode, Leon Mendoca has become the 67th Grandmaster of India. The 14-year-old Mendoca was stranded in Europe since March due to Kovid. He played 16 tournaments in three months, increasing his ilo renting to 140 points.

The All India Chess Federation (AICF), considering this achievement, has given him the title of Grandmaster. Leon is the second player to become Grandmaster this year. G. before them Akash got this title.

He achieved his first GM Norm in the Rigo Chess GM’s Round Robin in October and the second in Budapest in November. His last GM was on December 30 at the Vergani Cup in Italy.

Leone hails from Goa. Leon said after this accomplishment, “Many people have contributed to get me here. I thank everyone wholeheartedly. Thank God, parents, sister for the blessings.”