Things to remember while Breastfeeding your Baby 


Things to remember while Breastfeeding your Baby 

A newborn is dependent on mother’s milk only for 6 months for his diet. Therefore, a new mother should take special care of some things so that her baby gets milk properly. These small things can make a big difference in your baby’s health.

A Breastfeeding mother should keep in mind the following things –

  • Feed your baby after every 2 to 3 hours.  You should keep in mind at what time you fed your baby last time.  For this, you may put a wall clock in your room and note down the time, after every feed.
  • Once you have breastfed your baby with your right breast, then next time breastfeed with your left breast.  That is to breastfeed both breasts alternately.  This is because once breastfed, milk level in the breasts decreases or they become empty and body takes time to fill them again with milk.  By breastfeeding both breasts alternately, the breasts get enough time to fill the milk well and to rest as well.  Also, the milk is digested properly by your baby if you breastfeed both the breasts alternately.
  • Clean your breasts before and after breastfeeding.  You can clean your breasts by soaking a cloth in warm water.
  • Take a bath with warm water for the first 2 months after the birth of your baby.  Also, while bathing, massage your breasts with warm water.
  • You can also massage your breasts with desi ghee, coconut oil or breast cream once or twice a day.  After 1 hour wash your breasts with soap.
  • After breastfeeding your baby, put him on your chest and try to give him a burp by patting on his back. 
  • Many times, the baby falls asleep while drinking milk and thus you think that burping your baby would disturb his sleep. But even if your baby falls asleep, try to give him a burp; otherwise he will wake up in the middle of his sleep due to feeling discomfort because of the trapped gas.
  • Many times, the baby falls asleep while drinking milk and keeps sucking your breast with little effort, due to which the milk is not able to get into his mouth but a lot of air does go into his mouth, due to which the baby develops gas. In order to avoid such a situation, when your baby falls asleep, remove your breast from his mouth.
  • Whenever you urge to urinate or poop, then without any delay, go and clean your stomach first.  In such a situation, do not breastfeed your baby at all because due to  holding your waste materials, the harmful elements present in them get also mixed with the milk; which, in turn, will adversely affect your baby’s health.
  • If you drink a glass of water 15-20 minutes before breastfeeding your baby, then the milk would be easily digested by your baby.