The World Will Not Get Rid of Corona in 2021 : WHO


The World Health Organization (WHO) has said that the world will not get rid of corona this year. WHO Emergency Director Michael Ryan warned on Monday, “It is wrong to think that this year the world will succeed in the Battle of Corona, but to get out of this tragedy by reducing hospitalized patients and deaths.” He said that corona cases have increased worldwide in the last weeks. We need to take a lesson from this. At the same time, vaccination has started against Corona in African countries. The WHO reported that the vaccine has begun to be introduced to people in the West African country of Ghana and Kot – Divoy.  In the past week itself, the Serum Institute has delivered the AstraZeneca – Oxford vaccine in both countries. Ghana received 6 lakh doses of the vaccine on 24 February, and two days later, Kot-Divoy received 5.04 lakh doses.  The vaccine has been delivered here under the Kovacs campaign to deliver vaccines to all countries.

WHO Chief Trados Gabresias said that cases of corona have increased in the countries of Europe, America and South-East Asia in the past week. This is seen for the first time in the last 7 weeks. He said that it is very disappointing. A big reason for this can be people being careless, causing the Corona variant to spread rapidly.