The ICC will now award the Player of the Month Award; the common people will also vote. 


The International Cricket Council (ICC), the highest institution of cricket, will now choose the best cricketer in the world every month.  Interestingly, in this, the common people will also get the opportunity to choose the best performing player.  ICC announced a special award ‘Player of the Month Award’ to the players who have played a great game in cricket.

The award will be given to one best male and one female player every month out of all formats of cricket. It is known that ICC has so far been awarded Player of the Year and Player of the Decade. Independent committee of the ICC will select players for the award. This committee will include former players, broadcasters and select sports journalists from around the world. According to ICC General Manager Geoff Allardyce, the members of the ICC Weightage Committee will vote and choose the winning player from the list of selected players every month.

The best player will be selected on the basis of the player’s performance in the field and overall achievement in the whole month. The names of the winners will be announced on the second Monday of every month. Three nominations for each category will be decided by the Award Nominating Committee of the ICC.  The voting academy will vote by e-mail, whose weightage will be 90% of the total vote. Fans will be able to cast their votes on the first day of the month by logging on the ICC website (www.  Their weightage will be 10% of the total vote.  Fans can login via Facebook or Google account.