The ex-wife of Amazon founder married a science teacher


MacKenzie Scott, the ex-wife of Amazon founder billionaire Jeff Bezos, is married to her children’s school science teacher Dan Jewett, a Seattle resident. MacKenzie divorced Jeff Bezos two years ago after spending nearly 25 years of married life. She is the 22nd richest woman in the world with assets of over $ 53.5 billion. Their marriage has been revealed by the Giving Pledge website. This website has been created by Bill Gates, Melinda Gates and Warren Buffett to encourage the rich to donate. Mackenzie issued a statement saying, “Dane is a fantastic person and I am very excited and happy about him.” Mackenzie has so far donated $ 1.7 billion following the divorce of the world’s biggest billionaire Jeff Bezos. She has expressed her intention to donate most of her total wealth and has so far donated it to women’s organizations, food banks and black colleges.  He has three sons from Bezos while she has also adopted a daughter of Chinese origin. On divorce, McKenzie was given $ 38 billion on Bezos’s behalf. 

Dan Jewett commented on a post by Mackenzie Scott on the Jewett website, “I got married to the kindest woman in the world because of a wonderful coincidence.” Jewett said in a letter that I spent a large part of my life as a teacher and never raised enough money to put it into charity. Now I can do this with MacKenzie.