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The Complete Guide for Using Samsung Smart Switch

In case you have bought a new Samsung Galaxy device, you need to import your personal files in the older device you used previously. For this, the easiest approach is using a data migration application on the apparatus. Samsung Smart Switch is a powerful data migration tool for it. Smart Switch Download is a data migration tool which permits you to migrate data from any wise device to a Samsung Galaxy device. It can import any kind of data from smart devices to Galaxy apparatus. So if you’re planning to migrate information from your previous device to the new Galaxy apparatus, download Samsung Smart Switch and get started migrating data with it. If you aren’t familiar with this tool, here is The Complete Guide for Using Samsung Smart Switch.

What’s Samsung Smart Switch?

Smart Shift Download is a specially designed data migration tool for Samsung Galaxy devices. It allows you to migrate information from Android or iOS devices to Samsung Galaxy apparatus. You can transfer any of your private files such as pictures, files, music, contacts, videos, messages, settings, alarms, Home display, lock screen, S Planner, etc.. Long story short, you can migrate some of your device information to Galaxy apparatus with Samsung Smart Switch.

Smart Switch APK is a freeware application that’s offered in the Google Play Store. Android device users may download it straightly in the Play Store. If you would like to download Samsung Smart Switch on Windows or Mac PC, then you can visit the official site that is cited at the very first paragraph of the guide and get the download links from that point. Because of the this application has a user-friendly interface, so anyone can readily migrate data using Smart Switch APK.

Characteristics of Smart Change Mobile APK

* This powerful data migration tool allows you migrate any type of information such as files, images, videos, music, messages, contacts, lock display, alarms, device settings, house screen, etc..

* Samsung Smart Switch uses three methods to migrate information; Wi-Fi direct, USB cable, and PC. It’s possible to migrate data using at least one of these methods using the Smart Switch program.

* It’s compatible to migrate information from any of Android or iOS device to Samsung Galaxy devices.

* Samsung Smart Switch Download comes with a user-friendly interface. So anyone can migrate their apparatus information to Galaxy devices easily with this program.

Download Samsung Smart Switch

Smart Shift Download for Android mobiles is available from the Google Play Store. You can download it entirely for free of charge from your Play Store. Go to Google Play from your Android apparatus and search for the Samsung Smart Switch. Then the program will appear on the results display. Harness it and install the program. If you’re utilizing an iOS apparatus, I’m afraid to say that you can’t download Smart Change APK in your device. When you’re switching from an iOS to Galaxy, then you merely have to set up the Smart Switch app on the Galaxy apparatus, and the iOS devices use USB OTG and iCloud to migrate data with Samsung Smart Switch. If you want to download Smart Switch PC in your Windows or Mac PC, you may download the app from our official site.

Compatible Devices to use Samsung Smart Switch

* Android: Devices with Android OS version 4.3 or later

* iOS: Devices using iOS version 4.2.1 or later

* Mac: PCs with Mac OS X 10.6 or after

* Windows: PCs using Windows XP (Service Pack 2) or later

Migrate Data from Android/ Galaxy to Galaxy Device with Smart Switch APK

1. First, you have to install the Smart Switch Download in your smart devices. Visit the Google Play Store from both apparatus and install the Smart Switch program on the two devices.

2. After completing the installation, start the program from both devices and select “Saving Apparatus ” from the older device and choose “Receiving Device” in the new Galaxy device.

3. Click the “Connect” button on both the devices and connect with the apparatus. Then you’ll get the list of transferable data.

4. Pick the data from the old device and samsung smart switch windows hit the “Transfer” button to migrate information to the new Galaxy device.

Migrate Data to Galaxy Devices using Smart Switch PC

Samsung Smart Shift Download Works with both Windows and Mac computers. Prior to downloading the program, assess the compatibility of the PCs from the above mentioned compatible devices listing. If the PC is compatible, it is possible to download Smart Switch PC from our official site.

1. Click here to go to the official site. Then download and install Smart Switch PC in your Windows or Mac computer.

2. Connect your previous device to the computer by using a USB cable.

3. Now make a backup of the older device’s information on the PC by using the Samsung Smart Switch app on the PC.

4. Then get rid of the old device and join the new Galaxy device to the PC by using the USB cable.

5. Restore the backup data on the new Galaxy device afterward.

Migrate Data from iOS to Galaxy Apparatus with Samsung Smart Switch Download

1). Migrate Data with iCloud

1. Backup your iDevice data to the iCloud.

2. Download and install the Samsung Smart Change on the Samsung Galaxy device.

3. Open the Smart Switch APK app from the Galaxy device and select “iOS Device. “

4. Enter the Apple ID and password at the program.

5. Pick the data you want to migrate and hit on “Publish ” in the Galaxy device.

6. After the data is moved successfully, you will get program recommendations for your Galaxy device for similar programs in the iOS device. You can download and install those apps from the Google Play Store.

2.) Migrate Data with USB OTG

1. Connect your iPhone and Samsung Galaxy apparatus with USB OTG.

2. Download and install Smart Change APK on the Galaxy device. Then open the app on the Galaxy device.

3. Select Smart Switch option in the pop-up menu in the Galaxy apparatus and select “Trust” option from the pop-up menu at the iPhone menu.

4. Select the data you want to transfer and hit on “Import” from the Galaxy device.

5. After the information is moved successfully, you will get app recommendations for your Galaxy device for similar apps in the iOS device. You may download and install those programs from the Google Play Store.

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