Britney had a miscarriage that’s really bad

Britney had miscarriage that’s really bad

Britney Spears is a lovable pop star among her fans and a very famous personality in the pop industry. A month ago, she announced that she was expecting a baby and seemed so happy while giving such news. She posted many times and many things to show her happiness. Her husband was also showing his happiness about being a father. They were so happy for their incoming baby. She posted a video post also and said she would give updates about her baby in the future and told about planning outings in May. But on Saturday she posted very heartbreaking news that she had a miscarriage. Her unborn baby has died already in her womb. Her husband also shared the same post as her.

 She posted a note that said ” It is with deep sadness we have to announce that we had lost our miracle baby early in the pregnancy , This is a very devastating time for any parent. Perhaps we should have waited to announce until we were further along however we were overly excited to share the good news” With the post she had put a caption also that was “We are grateful for what we have in the process of expanding our beautiful family

With a heart emoji, she wrote” Thank you for your support”Asghari commented under her Instagram post that ‘ we will have a miracle soon” with a heart emoji. Under her post, many pop artists and other celebrities commented on her post to show their concern and support towards them. Paris Hilton said ” I’m so sorry for your loss is, always here with you”. Artists like Brooke Lyn Hates, Don Benjamin, and Christina Perri have also shown their support for the couple in this hard time of them. She actually has two sons from her last marriage and both of them are in their teens ages and live with their father. Her last husband took custody of their sons in 2007 when they got a divorce. After a long time of divorce, she said she will get married and have a baby, for this she got herself tested to check if she can achieve a baby or not in her 40s while her present husband Asghary is 28 years old. She did get pregnant and was so happy, but this miscarriage broke her heart, but Asghar supported her a lot by being a good and supportive husband. He did not leave her to suffer alone in such bad conditions and tried his best to make her calm down whenever she felt bad about this incident. He was also so hurt after losing his unborn baby for whom they were so excited. But he knows that if gets weak at this time then there would be no one to support his wife. That is why he just hid his pain in front of her so that she doesn’t feel sad about it. This incident really broke both of them from the inside and it is going to take a long enough time to recover from this horrible incident.

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