Survey on vaccine: Vaccination is expected to start in the country from next week, but 69% people are still worried about getting vaccinated


Vaccination for coronavirus in India can begin from January 13-14. Two vaccines, Kovyshield and Kovaxin, have also received approval. Even after this, 69% of people in a survey have shown reluctance to vaccinate.

The hiccup that was in November remains the same in January
This survey was conducted by LocalSircles in January. 8,723 people took part in it. It was told that the hiccups in the vaccine in November and December last year were maintained in January. These things came out in the survey …

69% of the people said that they are not in any hurry about the vaccine. Earlier in December, 69% of the people were hesitant about the vaccine. 59% of people said in November and 61% in October that they were not in a hurry about the vaccine.
26% of the people say that as soon as the vaccine comes, they will take the vaccine from the government or private channel.
There were also 5% of those surveyed who fall in government-created priority groups (health or frontline workers). They say that the government will take the vaccine under whatever procedure they have set.