South Korea’s decree: Famous band BTS join army, rejecting demand for exemption


BTS, which has won the hearts of music lovers around the world with its best songs, will now have to join the South Korean army. Actually there are rules in South Korea that it is mandatory for every youth between 18 and 35 years to serve in the army. Under this rule, Korean pop singers will now have to take up arms forgetting the sound. By joining the army, BTS will have to serve as a soldier for 21 months.

Let me tell you that many business people have applied to get exemption from this rule of South Korea. BTS had cited its commercial busyness that they have to travel around the world for concerts. Therefore, they should be exempted from the rule of joining the army. Although pop superstars were not exempted from serving as soldiers for 21 months, there are some Korean citizens whose demands were accepted by the government.
Who got the discount?
The government has exempted some people from the rules of serving in the country’s military, such as the football team winning the gold medal in the Asian Games was exempted, the athletes who won the medal were also exempted. But it is important for pop stars and film actors to join the army.

There is a debate in South Korea about the rule that it is necessary for the whole society to join the army? On this question, some MPs and concert organizers demanded relaxation of the band from the army. But South Korean Culture, Sports and Tourism Minister Do Jong Hwan rejected this demand, saying that even though our children are the world’s favorites, these children have a responsibility to be part of the military as well. Hwan said the government decided that the BTS band would have to join the army.