Sonali in Rakhi Sawant’s footsteps, loves Ali, 12 years old, to live in BB


It is difficult to say when the relationship will change in Big Boss and when it will be made with whom. Just as Rakhi Sawant is celebrating people’s attention by expressing her love for younger married Abhinav Shukla, so is Sonali Phogat following her footsteps and trying this love formula with Ali Goni, 12 years younger than her She has been

Sonali is 12 years older than Ali. If they see their birth date, then 21 September 1979. At the same time, Ali Goni’s birth date is 25 February 1991. Sonali, who is 12 years younger than herself, is not liking this love formula of Sonali. Because of this people are trolling them as well.

Rakhi Sawant is also trying this formula in the show before Sonali. He had already expressed his love for Abhinav Shukla, younger than him and husband of Rubina Dilac. Due to this, he is also considered to be quite entertaining.

Rakhi has said her heart to Abhinav many times, which has also been telecasted on TV. But apart from this, Rakhi has also given proof of her love by saving Abhinav from nomination

Sonali herself said that Rakhi saved Abhinav because he had to give content. Rakhi is doing her drama with Abhinav. He is also successful. After this statement, Sonali has applied the same entertainment of Rakhi after coming under nomination on her own.

After the nomination, Sonali’s sudden love for Ali raises questions. Following Soni’s love formula, is this Sonali’s maneuver? Well, whether this feeling hidden for Ali in Sonali’s heart is true or not, its secret will be revealed in the coming time.