Son Babil wore Irfan Khan’s clothes to receive his award, said – at least I can fit in his clothes


In the 66th Filmfare Awards announced on Saturday, the late Irrfan Khan was awarded the Best Actor for ‘English Medium’. He was also awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award. His son Babil reached the stage to receive Irfan’s award. The special thing was that Babil wore his father’s clothes during the prize ceremony. He has shared this information on social media. Also, why his mother and Irrfan’s wife Sutapa Sikdar refused to attend the award ceremony. When Babil asks her why she doesn’t want to  the ceremony, she said, “I do not want to face people.” 

Irfan Khan’s son Babul Irfan Khan wrote on social media, “Mamma dressing me up – So in my little speech while accepting baba’s awards from @jaideepahlawat @rajkummar_rao @ayushmannk, I basically said “this is not my place to say anything. People always say that you cannot fit into your father’s shoes but at least |  can fit into his clothes. I just want to show all my gratitude to the audience and our industry because of the warmth and love that you have hugged our family with, and all I can really say is that you and I will make this journey together  and take indian cinema to new heights, I promise. ”The story behind the clothes was that my father hated participating in fashion shows and ramp walks but he did it in these same clothes in order to continuously break out of his comfort zone. That is  exactly what I was doing last night, tearing through into new spaces that I’m uncomfortable with.”

Ayushman Khurana told on social media on Sunday that Ayushman first met Babil on 66  Ayushman told on social media that he met Irrfan’s son Babil for the first time during this 66th Filmfare Award. While sharing a photo of Irfan Khan, Ayushmann wrote, “This is somewhere in Bandra .But he is somewhere resting in peace .Celebrating his double win. Forever Irfan ! Best Actor ( male ) and the lifetime achievement award ! I had the honour of presenting this @filmfare award to @ babil.i.k . Met this beautiful boy for the first time .Would see him do well in future. We artistes are a unique species. We have our vulnerabilities and imaginations and theories. We rely on observations and experiences. We live and die a thousand deaths on the celluloid or on stage. But the power of those performances makes us immortal . कलाकारों का कभी अतीत नहीं होता , कभी वर्तमान नहीं होता . जब भी कोई कलाकार जाता है उसका इस तरह से सम्मान नहीं होता, क्यूँकि हर कोई फ़नकार इरफ़ान नहीं होता.”