Slumdog Millionaire Actor Accused of Sexual Assault


Actor Madhur Mittal’s reaction has now come to light on allegations of girlfriend’s sexual assault and attempt to strangle him. Madhur, who returned to Mumbai from Jaipur after completing the shooting of the web series, has not only denied these allegations, but has also claimed that his personal and professional life is being badly affected due to false allegations. Madhur’s girlfriend filed a case of assault and sexual assault against him at Khar police station in Mumbai. “False stories are maligning,” Madhur said in a conversation with Bombay Times, “It is disturbing to hear about these lies. There are many WhatsApp messages coming full of such stories, which spoil my image and are defaming me. They are being forwarded to groups of casting directors and they are refusing to give me work. From the age of 7, I am the only one earning in my family and you can guess how much my family and my career are affected by all these media reports”.

Madhur Mittal, who played Salim Malik in ‘Slumdog Millionaire’, appealed to the people not to come to any conclusion just by listening to one side’s story. He said, “I trust the law and the truth will come out.”

The victim’s lawyer Niranjani Shetty said in a statement, “The girl is not in a position to talk to me. Her friend told me about it. Her eyes, neck and lips have been hurt. I came to know that violence and sexual assault has happened with her. Our concern was her safety. So I sent a letter to the police via post. I personally went to the Crime Branch for the women. Later they called us and lodged an FIR. “

Regarding the safety of women, Niranjani said, “You cannot beat a woman. Whether you are in a relationship for 2 months or 20 years. It does not matter. Men have to learn to accept ‘No’. Changing the mindset of asserting rights is needed. They should be held responsible for their actions”. 

An FIR was lodged against Madhur on February 13, according to police, who tried to strangle him 15 times. In this, lawyer Niranjani Shetty claimed that his client met Madhur in December last year and within a span of 15 days, he started forcing her to be intoxicated. On 11 February, she ended all relations with Madhur. According to Shetty, Madhur Mittal is very angry. He tried to strangle him 15 times by entering his client’s room. He slapped her many times, pulled her hair, pulled her ears, punched her right eye and then sexually assaulted her. It is being claimed that on February 15, Madhur had reached the victim’s house, but her lawyer had threatened him and drove him away.  Police have registered a case against Madhur under sections of molestation, sexual assault and harassment.