Shweta Tiwari’s pain: Actress made serious allegations against second husband Abhinav Kohli, said- he had threatened to spoil my image


The relationship of Shweta Tiwari and her second husband Abhinav Kohli has been in discussion for a long time due to wrong reasons. Both have been accusing each other of serious charges. The latest allegations have been leveled by 40-year-old Shweta Tiwari. She claimed in an interview that Abhinav had threatened her to tarnish her image. Shweta said, “He told me in the lobby of the building where I live – what it takes to spoil the image of a woman, just one post and you will be ruined.” 

According to the actress, 5-6 days after this threat, Abhinav started writing against her on social media. Talking to the Bollywood bubble, Shweta further said, “He started posting to spoil my reputations. Since if a person is speaking openly in the media, they feel that he is truthful. But nobody thinks that  that could be wrong. They are just guessing. They don’t even know what the truth is. And when the other person is not telling their story, they consider it a one-sided story. People don’t understand that it is their personal life.”

In this interview, Shweta also talked about her children and said that they are in such a bad situation because she chose the wrong men. She says, “Palak saw me getting beaten. She saw women coming. She saw all this when she was just 6 years old. Then I had to take this (divorce) step. Palak saw all the trauma in the house. The police come, her mother goes to the police. My son (Reyansh) is four years old now and he knows about the police, the judge, and it is not just because of me. 

According to Shweta, she does not understand how to get Palak and Reyansh out of the situation, as the only way for them to get out of this mess is to stay with the children and take them to the police and court. If Shweta believes, even if her children are unhappy, they do not express. She is surprised to see how both of them are so happy. Whereas there is so much happening around them. Sometimes she wonders if their children are trying to hide their feelings from her.

Shweta married Raja Chaudhary at the age of 19. However, they divorced in 2007. Raja was accused of domestic violence by Shweta. Palak is Raja and Shweta’s daughter. In 2013, Shweta married Abhinav Kohli, with whom he has a son Reyansh.  However, the marriage of Shweta and Abhinav also did not last long. Both are living separately. In August 2019, Shweta accused Abhinav of assaulting her daughter Palak and also registered a case at the police station. Shweta in one of her statements said that Abhinav is an infection and she is feeling healthy by parting ways with him.