Shabnam : The First Woman to be Hanged in Independent India


Shabnam and her lover Salim will be hanged together in the Amroha district of Uttar Pradesh, who committed the murder of 7 people 13 years ago.  From the trial court to the Supreme Court, the death sentence has been stamped on since April 2008.  Shabnam pleaded for mercy from the President, which he turned down on 15 February. 

This is why after independence Shabnam will be the first woman to be hanged in the only women’s hanging house in Mathura District Prison. The Mathura jail was built in 1866, when a female hanging house was built there. The first case of death penalty here will be of Shabnam.  

Jail Superintendent Shailendra Maitreya said that preparations for the execution have started after the mercy petition was rejected.  Two hanging ropes are sourced from Buxar district in Bihar. As soon as the date from the court is fixed, the hanging trial will be done.  

The jail administration had called the executioner Pawan Kumar of Meerut to inspect the hanging. Pawan, who hanged Nirbhaya’s convicts, said that the hanging board in Mathura jail was broken, and hence it has been replaced. The lever was also blocked which has also been cured.

In his village, Shabnam is hated so much that after the murder incident in Bawankhedi, no girl was named Shabnam in the entire village. Shabnam is the mother of a child.  When the family was mass murdered, she had a pregnancy for two months. Son Taj Mohammed is now 12 years old after being with his mother in jail for 7 years. He is being looked after by a family.