Road accident in Gujarat: a car collided with a cotton-laden truck, caught fire; Three women in a car were burnt to death. Rajkot 8 minutes ago.


Three women died in a car in a road accident on the Rajkot-Gondal National Highway early Saturday. The car collided with a cotton-laden truck, after which both vehicles caught fire. The driver and cleaner of the truck escaped after the accident. According to the information, the women in the car were going from Gondal towards Rajkot. Meanwhile, a car and truck collided near Billiana Patia village in Gondal tehsil. This was followed by a loud explosion and both vehicles caught fire. Two vehicles of the fire brigade reached the spot, but by then the car and truck had burned down.

Names of deceased women

  • Rekha Bhikhuba Jadeja (62)
  • Rasikba Kishore Singh Raizada (80)
  • Mukandaba Mahesh Singh Raizada (45)