Result of Violence in Farmer’s Protest : Government Ordered to Make Borders Free from Protestors


To end the Farmer’s movement that has been going on for two months on the Ghazipur border of UP, the UP police sealed the protest site from all sides on Thursday evening. In the presence of heavy police forces, the farmers were given a notice to withdraw the protest and leave the site. After this the farmer leader Rakesh Tikait started crying and said – “This is a preparation for farmers’ mass murder”. The effect of his tears was that, in Haryana and western UP, farmers organised meetings. After 11 o’clock, farmers from many areas started traveling to Delhi. 

The scene has changed on the Tikri border. The view of Tikri Border looked completely different from other days. Till now, the part of the Tikri border where the farmers were seen walking, there is silence. On the other hand, where a limited number of policemen used to be seen, now a large number of policemen are already deployed. Now beyond the border where the farmers have made the main stage, there is no noise but silence. 

Tikari Border saw the lowest number of farmers since their encampment on Thursday. Some shops are open on the roadside near the main platform. These shopkeepers say that the people who used to come here in support of the farmers are missing now, after the nuisance happened on 26th January. Earlier, a large number of people from different areas of Haryana and Punjab used to come with family to support them, due to which there was a crowd here, but now it is not so.  The farmers who are here also do not know when to leave.  Earlier, bhandaras were organised here and there for the farmers, now their number is few.  

The noise of loud music was heard earlier on the road, it is completely missing now.  Local people say that the farmers have started going from here on the night of 26 January.  The process of farmers going out from here is getting faster with every second. On the other hand, when we talk of the police side across the border, a tremendous siege is seen here. Water canon vehicles have been parked right in front of the barricades.  Previously these vehicles stood away from the barricades.  Now a multi-layered circle of protection has been created. The concrete structure has several level sieges to the walls. Talking about the number of police forces, now there are about 15 companies stationed here compared to that before 26 January.  These include the Border Security Force and SSB personnel.  There is a large number of women policemen in it.  With the help of drone cameras, the police are estimating the crowd on the other side of the border.