Rahul reached Tamil Nadu on Pongal: Rahul Gandhi saw Jallikattu in Madurai, said- this culture should be respected


Elections are to be held in Tamil Nadu after 3 months. In such a situation, political colors are seen in Pongal and related events. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi reached Madurai on Thursday. He participated in the Jallikattu event in Avaniyapuram. Also ate food with local people. He said that the culture of Tamil Nadu is very important for India and it should be respected.\

Rahul, while talking to the media, targeted the central government. Rahul said that the government is not only ignoring the farmers, but is also plotting to suppress them. Because, the government wants to benefit 2-3 of its friends.

The country cannot move forward ignoring farmers: Rahul
He said that farmers are the backbone of the country. If anyone feels that they can move the country forward by ignoring the farmers, then such people should look at our history. Whenever our farmer has become weak, the country has also become weak.

He targeted the central government and said that when Corona came, you did not help the common man. You are also ignoring the farmers. Whose Prime Minister are you, the people of the country or two-three businessmen?

BJP government and PM attacked Modi
He said that the government would have to withdraw the new agricultural laws. You will remember my point He attacked Prime Minister Modi and said that what is China doing in our area? Why doesn’t the Prime Minister say anything about this? Why doesn’t the Prime Minister talk about how Chinese soldiers are sitting on our land.

Nadda will attend Pongal’s event in Chennai
BJP president JP Nadda is also in Tamil Nadu. He will attend the Namma Oru Pongal program in Chennai. Sangh chief Mohan Bhagwat is also in Tamil Nadu. He performed pooja at the Kadumbadi temple in Chennai and attended the celebrations at Pongal.