Pakistan’s JF-17 Thunder Block-Three fighter aircraft will be able to compete with Rafal?


Preparations have been started for the block-three of Pakistan Air Force’s latest fighter aircraft JF-17. While fourteen JF-17B aircraft made in collaboration with China have been handed over to Pakistan Air Force.

These aircraft have been prepared by Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC).

A ceremony was held at Kamra Airbase on Wednesday to join the Pakistan Air Force fleet of double seater JF-17B aircraft and start production of JF-17 Block-Three.

How are JAF-17Bs different from pre-existing JAF-17s?
Pakistan Air Force spokesman Ahmar Raza told the BBC that the new JF-17B model aircraft joining the Pakistan Air Force has two seats. It will be used mostly for training. However, these capabilities are similar to those of the already existing JF-17 aircraft. “Missiles and radars in the new aircraft are similar to the old ones. In the new model, only one seat has been added so that the other pilot can also sit and we can use these aircraft in training. “Pakistan Air Force says that their arrival will increase military power. Because these aircraft are fully capable of fulfilling all training requirements, as well as in all types of combat operations.