Pakistani JF 17 and Indian Tejas, Which fighter aircraft is more dangerous?


Indian Air Force chief Air Marshal RKS Bhadauria says that the indigenous fighter aircraft – Tejas will be helpful in executing the surgical strikes like Balakot on terrorist targets closely.

He also said that the JF-17 fighter aircraft built by Pakistan with Chinese technology can not stand anywhere in front of Tejas in quality, capability and precision.

Bhadoria says that the light Tejas fighter aircraft of ‘Four and Half Generation’ ie ‘Light Combat Aircraft’ are made with very modern technology and the weapons deployed in this aircraft have also been developed indigenously.

Experts say that Pakistan’s JF fighter aircraft, with the same light weight as the F-16 Falcon, have the capability to hit ground and air in all climates.

Both aircraft ie Tejas and JF-17 are equipped with long-range missiles.

Katie Sebastian is a retired wing commander of the Indian Air Force who has also been a test pilot and group captain.

He says that the Government of India Tejas Mark 1A fighter aircraft is much more expensive than other light fighters of the same category because it has been equipped with a lot of new technology equipment.

Speaking to the BBC, Sebastian said that the special thing about Tejas is that this aircraft is expensive because many modern ventures have been added to it such as radar developed in Israel. Apart from this, the aircraft also has indigenously developed radar. The aircraft is light and its firepower is also good. It is a multi-functional fighter aircraft that is capable of producing better results even in difficult situations.

While Tejas is being built by Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, India’s oldest and reputed venture, the JF-17 is being built by Aeronautical Complex (PAC) in Kamra near the capital of Islamabad, Pakistan. Its construction also includes a Chinese organization – China National Arrow Technology Import and Export Corporation.

The Pakistan Air Force in its statement issued said that the technology of these JF-17 fighter jets was jointly developed by China and Pakistan. The statement said that every aircraft has a capacity to carry weapons up to 3630 kg while the aircraft can fly at a speed of 2200 kilometers per hour. This aircraft can attack its target from a distance of 1350 km.

Colonel Sanjay Srivastava, retired from the Indian Army’s Gorkha Regiment, said that Tejas fighter aircraft can carry eight to nine tons. Apart from this, they can fly at a speed of sound speed i.e. from Mach 1.6 to Mac 1.8 at an altitude of up to 52 thousand feet.