Now Voter ID also Digital


It is very difficult to get the new voter ID once it is lost or damaged. Now the Election Commission of India has fixed this problem. Now, Voter ID can be downloaded from today. Till 31 January only those voters will be able to take their voter ID in digital format, which have applied in November – December last year. From February 1, all voters will get this facility.  

On National Voters’ Day on 25 January, the Election Commission of India launched the e-EPIC scheme. EPIC means Electoral Photo Identity Card. Through this, you will be able to download your voter ID in your mobile. Its print can also be taken.  Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad started it on Monday. On this occasion, five new voters were given e-voter cards. 

Now, you don’t have to wait for your voter ID. Once the name is included in the voter list, voter ID can be downloaded. The voters can print this card, laminate it or store it digitally for their convenience.  

Advantages of Digital Card

e-EPIC will be different from the plastic voter card being issued to new voters.  It can also be uploaded to DigiLocker.  

After getting this facility, the voter will not need to make a new card again and again when the address changes. It can be downloaded with a new address. 

Voters whose voter ID card is lost or corrupted will be able to download duplicate cards for free. 

How will you be able to download E-EPIC?  

First of all, to download e-EPIC, you have to visit the voter portal, voter helpline mobile app or National Voter Service Portal site.  

Voter portal’s website is http: //voterportal.eci / and NVSP’s site is  Apart from this, you can also download the Voter Mobile App from the Google Play Store.  

If you want to download e-EPIC but lost e-EPIC number, then search for the electoral roll form at or From here you can get your e-EPIC number.  

To download e-EPIC, you have to follow these steps 

1. To download e-EPIC, you should visit or https: //  or  the Voter Helpline App  have to go .  

2. Register or login yourself on the voter portal.  

3. After that go to the menu and click on Download e-EPIC.  

4. Enter EPIC Number or Form Reference Number.  

5. Verify the number with OTP.  

6. Click Download EPIC.