Name the black money holders, get a reward of 5 crores rupees; In this way give information to the government


New Delhi: To find out the black money, the Modi government has devised a method that can cost you crores of crores. Yes, you heard it right. If you give information about any black money holder to the government, then the government will give you five crore rupees as a reward. Now you may be thinking that if you do this, the name of the informer will also be revealed. So do not worry, the Income Tax Department has assured to keep the name of the person giving information about black money also confidential.

Please tell that the Income Tax Department has started online facility for giving information about black money. The Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) has said that on its e-filing portal, the link ‘giving information on tax evasion or benami property holding’ has been opened on Monday. Any person can give information of illegal property, benami property and tax evasion in India or abroad, through this person.

Any person can complain
Any person can complain by visiting the link of Income Tax Department. You do not have to have a permanent account number (PAN) or Aadhaar number for this complaint. If you do not have both, you can still give information about black money. After giving information about online black money here, you will have to go through the OTP based validation process.

Provision for award of up to Rs 5 crore
After the complaint is registered, the department will give a unique number for each complaint and from that the complainant will be able to see the status of action taken on the complaint made by him on the weblink. In this new facility, any person can also become ‘informer or informer’ and will also be entitled to reward. As per the scheme currently in force, there is a provision to award up to Rs 1 crore in the case of benami property and up to Rs 5 crore in case of tax evasion, including keeping black money abroad.