Mumbai: Trading racket disclosed on closed coins, lookout notice issued against accused


According to the police, British citizens used to cheat crores of people in the name of trading closed coins. So far 15 to 16 crore rupees have been fraud, in which the police have seized an account of about 1 crore 11 lakh rupees and coins of 917 different countries.

Mumbai: The Khar police of Mumbai have disclosed a fraud case in which a British citizen cheated crores of rupees in the name of trading closed coins. Earlier, people who had lost lakhs of rupees understood the game of cheating, the accused has fled from the country. The man has been identified as Isa Ahmed Khan, who holds British citizenship.

Originally it belongs to Pakistan. After looting crores of rupees to people last year, Isha and his wife managed to flee the country from the month of October. Isha had made about 6 fake websites. On these fake websites, people used to trap people in their net for commodity trading of coins that have been closed in the practice of different countries of the world.

How did you make a victim of fraud Isha used to tell her customers that the price of rare coins, metal coins is very much in the international market, so it used to ask to buy coins. In the beginning, he also gave good returns. On his own website, he used to show the benefits of investing and earning money. Coins were also given to investors in good packing but they were told not to open the packing.

A woman living in Khar, Mumbai invested 72 lakh rupees in this scheme. On being cheated, the woman complained of fraud to the Khar police. The Mumbai Police registered a case on 30 November. Police found out in the investigation that Isha Ahmed Khan took office at BKC in Mumbai and the famous UB City Mall in Bangalore and pretended to be a big company.

Fraud has been done till date 15 to 16 crores According to the police, so far, fraud of 15 to 16 crores has been done, in which the police have seized an account of about 1 crore 11 lakh rupees and coins of 917 different countries. Isha Ahmed had been doing this fraud for 1 year. Isha Ahmed wanted to start trading by making coins of the late Kannada film star Rajkumar. The police has also seized the seal to make coins.

An accused working for Isha arrested The Mumbai Police has arrested an accused named Amir Sheikh who was involved in the racket, who used to work for Isha and helped to provide rare coins from Chor Bazaar. A look out notice has been issued against the accused Isha Ahmed and his wife.