Microsoft’s new office started in Noida; No less than the Taj Mahal in beauty 


Technology giant Microsoft has started its new luxurious office in Noida, whose beauty is nothing less than Taj Mahal. This Microsoft office is for engineering and innovation.  The company has named it India Development Center NCR (IDC NCR).

According to Microsoft, Indian talent will be preferred in this new office. This is Microsoft’s third facility in India. Earlier two centers were in Bangalore and Hyderabad.

The design of this new Microsoft office is inspired by the Taj Mahal in Agra. There is also a large photo of the Taj Mahal inside the office. The office is very shiny inside and beautiful. Microsoft’s team at IDC NCR will work for Digital Innovation.

Apart from this, there will be work for cloud, artificial intelligence, enterprise solutions and gaming. According to the company’s claim, this office is constructed from local things.  The office is designed by Indian engineers.  The domes of the office belong to Sangramarr.

According to a Microsoft statement, full care has been taken to conserve electricity and water while building this Noida office. This office has been built keeping in view the future of the IT industry in India.