Meghan Markle Made Shocking Revelations In An Interview With Oprah Winfrey


Britain’s Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle made big revelations in a TV interview on Sunday. In an interview with the famous TV personality Oprah Winfrey, Meghan stated that the royal family did not want to make their son Archie a prince, because before his birth he feared that his color might not be black. Prior to Archie’s birth, the royal family had discussed this with Prince Harry, which was quite painful for her. However, Meghan did not reveal the name of the person who feared this in the interview. 

Meghan revealed that her independence was greatly reduced after joining the royal family.  

Life was quite lonely in the Royal family. She was also not allowed to go to lunch with friends, as she was heavily covered in the media. She told that there was a time when she was completely broken, she did not want to live and used to think about suicide.

She reports that Kate Middleton made her cry before her marriage to Prince Harry. Kate is the wife of Prince Williams. According to Megan, Harry and Kate were upset about something that was going to be used in the wedding before their wedding. Things had become very bad at that time.

During the interview, Prince Harry also said that he is proud of himself and his wife, because when she was pregnant, she went through a very bad phase. In the interview, Meghan said that her biggest mistake was that she trusted the royal family. The royal family promised that they would always be protected, but this could never happen. Not only this, Harry said that if Princess Diana had been there today, she would have been very upset with what happened in the royal family. 

In the interview, they also revealed their new baby. They both said that they would become parents to a daughter in the summer. 

Meghan reported that they got married three days before the royal wedding. The royal wedding of both of them, which took place on May 19, was just a formality. She said that before the royal wedding, Prince Harry and I called his chief bishop before the royal wedding and asked if he could get a private wedding before their formal wedding. After this we got married without any guests and spectators. Harry and Meghan, grandchildren of Queen Elizabeth II, who left the royal title last year, left Frontline Royal Duty in March last year and now live in California. In January last year, both of them announced to leave the royal titles of Duke of Sussex and Duchess of Sussex.