Lesser Side Effects in Elderly People Than Health Workers


It has been 53 days for the Corona vaccination campaign in the capital. During this time, the vaccine is being given to the health workers and the staff posted on the front front as well as the elderly. No serious cases of side effects have been reported in Delhi after the vaccination till date. A special thing in this is that the number of side effects of the vaccine in the elderly is less than 10% as compared to the health workers. Experts say that the reason for the difference in cases of side effects is mood. According to the Health Department, the second phase of vaccination started in Delhi from 1 March. After that, a total of 75 thousand elderly people (above 60 years of age) have been vaccinated in the last 6 days. Only 12 of them complained of mild fever and pain after being vaccinated. According to this, 99.93 percent of the elderly did not face any problem after taking the vaccine.

On the other hand, in the case of health workers, there were 263 cases of side effects in the vaccination of 75 thousand employees. Dr. RP Beniwal, chairman of the psychiatric department of RML Hospital, said that mood and phobia are the major reason for the decrease in side effects. Initially, there was doubt about the vaccine in the minds of the people. 

Since health workers were the first who took the vaccine. In such a situation, there was doubt in their mind. Due to this, they felt that there were some side effects of the vaccine. Talking about the elderly, by the time their vaccination number came, it was proved that the vaccine was completely safe. In such a situation, there was no fear in their mind. This is the reason why there is an enthusiasm among them for getting vaccinated. 

In the second phase vaccination campaign, every day records are being made. It is said that the elderly are getting a large number of vaccines. In just one week, 75 thousand elderly people have been vaccinated. At the same time, it took three weeks for the same number of health workers to get vaccinated.  In view of the increasing vaccination, the number of centers are also being increased.