Jeff Bezos to leave Amazon as CEO, Andy Jassy will be the new CEO


Jeff Bezos, founder of the legendary e-commerce company Amazon and the world’s richest man, will step down as CEO in the third quarter this year. Bezos, 57, announced this on Tuesday. He said that Andy Jassy will be the new CEO of Amazon.  Jeff is stepping down after nearly 27 years of setting up the company during a road trip in 1994. The current net worth of Bezos is Rs 14 lakh crore. Bezos will continue to be the executive chairman of the company and will focus on space exploration and other ventures along with welfare schemes such as Day 1 Fund and Bezos Earth Fund. 

Bezos has sent an e-mail to his 1.3 lakh employees that “My journey started 27 years ago. Amazon was then just an idea. It was not identified. Today we are employing 13 lakh talented, dedicated people. How did all this happen ?  The answer is invention.  Invention is the root of our success. We did crazy things together. Then they became normal. We gave priority to customer reviews, personalized recommendations. If you do things correctly, a few years after the amazing invention, new things become normal. People work comfortably by taking their fingers. This is the most relaxed moment for the inventor. When the time is good, you are polite. When times have been tough, you have been strong and supportive.  There are many things in Amazon’s pipeline that will surprise the world. Keep inventing. If at first your idea is called silly, don’t be disappointed at all. Always explore possibilities and give direction to your curiosity. That will be your first day”.

Andy is considered the right hand of Bezos, who is going to take over the reins of Amazon. In 2003, Andy, 53, launched the Amazon Web Service. He considers the meeting room as The Chop. At the same time important ideas are discussed and the height of the employees who do not perform is reduced. If you are going to The Chop, then you have to prepare well. If this does not happen, Andy is such a shark who sniffs like a drop of blood from 100 miles away.  He does not tolerate stupidity at all. Those who did not perform better in a meeting with Andy Jassy do not get a second chance. Jassy was reportedly approached by then CEO Steve Ballmer before Satya Nadella was named CEO of Microsoft in 2014.