Jeans and Jacket would Become Airbags for Bike Riders 


Balancing a two-wheeler without a safety shield is more dangerous than driving a car. Statistics also confirm this. According to the country’s Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, six two-wheelers have died every hour in the year 2019 in India. At the same time, two-wheeler riders account for 37 percent of the deaths due to road accidents.

In such a situation, French engineer Moses Shahrivar’s airbag jeans create a ray of hope for two-wheeler drivers. They have made such super-strong jeans, which are equipped with airbags. If the driver drives the vehicle wearing this jeans, the airbags will be filled with compressed air in the event of a fall.  The body gets the least shock when it falls.  The airbags are designed in such a way that they can be reused, after filling gas in them. A number of crash tests are underway to certify airbag jeans to the European Union Health and Safety Standards.  It is expected that it will hit the market by 2022.

According to Shahrivar, this is the first time that such protection will be available for the lower part of the body. At the same time, for the upper part, the airbag jacket is also ready to be introduced in the market soon. Another company, Autonomous Electronic, has developed airbags in which hi-tech sensors installed will activate and open the airbags in the event of a fall. Another French firm InEndMotion has created a ‘brain’ with GPS, gyroscope and accelerometer. This box, somewhat larger than a smartphone, is worn on the back. Its sensor measures the bike rider’s position 1000 times per second in real time, according to Richard Frampton, senior lecturer at Loughborough University in the UK, motorcycle airbags protect a bike rider like a car’s airbags. These will prove to be a revolution.