Have to Wear a Mask Even When Alone in Car


The Delhi High Court refused to interfere in the Delhi government’s decision to invoice for not applying a mask while driving a car alone.  The court has termed the mask as a ‘protective shield’.  Justice Pratibha M Singh said in her judgment on Wednesday that if a person is also in a car, it will be considered a public place.  Therefore, it is mandatory to wear masks in public places.  The mask is extremely important whether or not the person has received the Covid vaccine.  Justice Singh dismissed four petitions challenging the Kejriwal government’s decision, saying wearing masks is like a protective shield.  Not only the person wearing the mask, but also people coming in contact with him are protected.

The petitioners as advocates should support the government’s decision to stop the epidemic from spreading and help in its implementation. 

Farman Ali Magare, counsel for the Union Health Ministry told the court, no instructions have been issued by the Center to wear masks while alone in the car.  Health is a matter of the state government and the Delhi government has to take a decision on it.