Gorakhpur: 27-hour-long Srivishnu Mahayagya begins from Corona


In the era of Corona, people are frustrated and disappointed. To overcome this, the longest tricolor committee has started Mahayagya. The committee believes that Lord Vishnu is the foster of creation and this yajna will remove disappointment.

Gorakhpur: Everyone is asking for prayers to free the country and the world from the global epidemic corona. Mahayagya has been organized in Gorakhpur on behalf of the world’s longest tricolor committee and Hindu Chetna Manch. This yagna started at 11 am today will run continuously for 27 hours. On 30th December 1943, on this day, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose first liberated the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.
Remember the first independence day

Mahayagya started under the auspices of Hindu Chetna Manch, the world’s longest tricolor committee. The program was organized in front of Ramgarh Tal police station, a yagna was organized in the premises of Brahmalin Mahant Avedyanath Smriti Dwar. The program was launched with the flag hoisting of the national flag. After that Mahayagya started in the presence of learned Brahmins. On the occasion of the first independence day of the country, Srivishnu Mahayagya was organized to remove the frustration and frustration spread in the society.

Raghuvansh Hindu, the convenor of the world’s longest tricolor committee, has organized this Mahayagya. He told that first of all we should remember this day. Because on 30th December 1943, on this day, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose first liberated the Andaman and Nicobar Deep group. Today is the first independence day of the country. Today we are celebrating our independence day. During the Corona epidemic, many people are going through a period of frustration and despair. To remove the same frustration and despair, Mahayagya has been organized for Lord Vishnu who is the foster of this creation.

Mahayagya will run for 27 hours

This Mahayagya will run for 27 hours. There is a purpose behind running 27 hours that Uttar Pradesh is the largest district in India. Purvanchal leads 27 districts in Uttar Pradesh. The Yajna will last all day and all night. 501 lamps will also be lit in the evening. With that, a record of yajna will also be made in the world. In this Mahayagya, Dr. Roop Kumar Banerjee, Sardar Jaspal, Praveen Shrivastava, Raghuvansh Hindu, Umapati Dubey, Vaidya Surendra Prasad, Dr. Anil, Yogi Devansh, Aditya Doge, Ramesh Verma, Indrajit Singh, Chandel Ram Pandey, Chairman Dev Foundation Raj Mani Tripathi, Abhishek Rai Gandhi registered participation.