Google removes more than 100 personal loan apps from Play store, know what is the reason


Google (India) has reported that it has removed many such personal loan apps from Play Store in India that were violating the safety policy of the users. These apps were providing online loan service in violation of the safety policy. Google has informed through a blog post that it is reviewing more than 100 personal loan apps based on the information given by the government and users.

This decision of Google has come at a time when many users have complained to the companies giving short term loans that they are harassing them. Some affected customers had alleged that many personal loan lending apps were accessing their contact details. It was being used by recovery agents to threaten them.

Google has not yet shared the number of apps that have been removed from the Play Store following the recent decision. However, Fintech expert Shrikant L has stated that Google has removed at least 118 digital loan apps in the last 10 days. Google has asked many such personal loan applications to tell how she is following local law and regulations.

As such, the apps which have not yet done so, have been removed without giving any notice. This information has been given by the Vice President of Android Security and Privacy. Reuters has found in its investigation that at least 10 Indian leading apps on Google Play have not yet provided any information on the repair length.