Good News for Kapil Sharma Fans : The Famous Comedy Show will Start Soon


The Kapil Sharma Show, which premiered in the last week of January, will soon make a comeback with a new season. Krishna Abhishek, who plays Sapna in the show, has confirmed this. He said in a conversation, “The show will return to TV in May. We have not set a date yet. This time the show will see a lot of different things. The set will be remade. We will have a new set. Also some  things will look new in this. We will give you the good news soon”.

In a conversation with e-Times, when Krishna was asked if he remembered his character Sapna, he said,” I missed the show a lot because we have so much fun there and we don’t realize how fast our day goes. Kapil and I discuss very much on the phone about this because we both want  that the show should resume soon. He is also very excited about the fact that in the new season we will do many new things.”

Some sources associated with the show said, “At the time when the show decided to take a break, they only wanted this break for 2 months. During that time, Kapil was busy shooting for a film to be released on OTT and his wife Ginni was also pregnant. Keeping in mind Kapil’s personal and professional commitments, the channel asked him to take a 2-month break and return to the show again in March. Till now no work has started on this plan. The last episode was telecasted on 31 January.”

The source further said,” Keeping in mind the growing cases of Corona, the government is making many new guidelines. So, the show will take place for a few months. There is also no possibility of a live audience. Movies are not releasing as well, so Bollywood actors are not coming on the show to promote a film. Makers will not start working on it until the condition is normal.”