Good and Bad Fats: What is Good and Bad Fat? How to know healthy diet from experts


Most people have misconceptions about fat. Not all fats are harmful for the body. Fat is also very important to keep the body healthy. This healthy fat is called good fat. People who follow low fat or no fat diet have a particular lack of this fat and its effect on the whole body.

Whenever we talk about healthy body or diet, fat is usually not included in it. There are some fats that are not considered good for the body and due to these, bad cholesterol increases. Due to increase in bad cholesterol, heart diseases, obesity, diabetes and even can cause serious diseases like cancer.However, this does not mean that all fats are bad for the body. Some fats are also necessary for the body. We call these fats good fats or healthy fats. These fats are an essential part of our diet. To run the body and mind properly, it is considered very important to have them in the body. It is necessary to have good fat in the body for complete absorption of vitamins A, D, E, and K. Apart from this, good fats also work to balance the hormones of the body.

Due to following a low fat or no fat diet, there is a lack of essential and good fat in the body. It affects our face and hair to the entire body. 20-30 percent of your diet should be good fat. Wellness coach Vandana Gupta knows how to include healthy fat in the diet.