Global Health and Innovation Conference held at IIHMR University


    new Delhi. In the 2-day Global Health and Innovation Conference ‘Health Next 2021’ held at IIHMR University, experts discussed various aspects, concerns, challenges and changes related to this topic. Around 40 speakers from 8 countries, including USA, Germany, India, UK, Canada, expressed their views in the conference.

    These speakers emphasized new solutions and strategies and also had business exchanges through networking. Naveen Jain, former Managing Director of NHM and former Secretary of Skill and Entrepreneurship, Government of Rajasthan and Secretary, Food, Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs, inaugurated the conference as the keynote speaker and addressed the conference.

    This includes the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Bayer, Germany, Pharmacy, Apollo Hospitals, Medcorders, Dost Friends, Medicover Hospitals, AstraZeneca, Bio Pharmaceutical R&D, Gathersburg, MD, USA, Docuty India, Vivevo Health, AI Highway, Myresquire Life, Speakers from reputed institutes such as Tye Global, Amity Center for Entrepreneurship Development, Startup Oasis, Healthcare at Home India Pvt Ltd, E for Impact Foundation, EcoWare, BOD, iCure, Stan Plus, Red Ambulances and Daya India.

    Dr. PR Sodani, President (Acting) and Dean, IIHMR University, said that we feel that the challenges in the healthcare sector have changed now and it has become extremely necessary to reduce these challenges and risks after Kovid-19. As we move forward, we are seeing great efforts to innovate and improve the healthcare industry. The Global Health and Innovation Conference ‘Health Next 2021’ is a great platform not only for new entrepreneurs, but for the entire health sector.

    Dr. Gaurav Thukral, EVP & COO, Healthcare at Home India Pvt Ltd, said that Affordability, Availability and Accessibility are the three A’s which have always been a challenge in the healthcare sector. Despite Ayushman Bharat, hardly any percentage of health services are funded by the state. We see that the penetration of insurance is still low.

    CEO of E for Impact Foundation, Prof. Mario Molteni described the balance between public health and private health as extremely important. Echoware CEO Reha Mazumdar Singhal said that India is densely populated and we still have no formal solution to waste management and waste treatment. I believe that when we talk about sustainability in India or any South East Asian countries, we have to talk about closed loop solutions.

    Santosh Marathe, COO and Unit Head, Apollo Hospitals, said that personalized healthcare is the need of the hour. He stated that the use of technology to obtain appropriate patient data is beneficial. BOD founder and managing partner Saurabh Ubeja said that high quality data collection, especially for patients, can help in preparing their treatment protocol.

    Medcordes co-founder Shreyash Mehta said that in Rajasthan, the last six years, private health services have seen a big change. Our effort is to have a health record of every family and each member associated with the National Digital Health Mission.