Future of 5G in the country: Industrial productivity will increase 10 times, projects like smart city will be completed faster with robotic work


This year is of 5G technology. With this, the speed of our mobile internet will not only increase, but the industrial productivity of the country will increase by 10 times. How important is this year for 5G technology, what is being done in the country right now, Pramod Trivedi of Bhaskar asked Retired Lieutenant General Dr. SP Kochhar, Director General, Cellular Operators Association of India (COAI) talked to. Read the key parts of the conversation.

Q. How will 5G service change people’s lives?
4G is used more for personal use, it will not happen in 5G In this, people will get more internet speed, but 5G will be used more in industries. The conversion of 5G will be machine to machine. This will bring industrial revolution in the industry. Robotics will work. Schemes like Smart City will be completed faster. Industrial productivity will increase manifold on average.

Q. What is the preparation regarding 5G handset?
Right now 5G handsets are expensive. We are also looking at how cheap 5G affordable smart phones will come. It is very important to reach these people. Our effort is that the price of a 5G phone should be 8 to 10 thousand. We are working on it.

Q. Will 5G service start in the country in 2021?
There will be a trial of 5G this year. But the commercial launch seems unlikely. The government has not yet decided on the auction of spectrum for 5G. Prices will be fixed after auction, network and equipment will be installed. Only then will the 5G network be started. If all goes well, one or two companies may start commercial this year.

Q. What is going to change in Telecom in 2021?
As always, it will be our endeavor that the subscriber gets good facilities, at a better price. According to the way the base price of spectrum auction has been fixed in March, there is less possibility of charge reduction. But there is talk of tax exemption from the government. If it is found, then there will be a difference in price. Data can be cheaper if cost varies.