Format of Driving Licence and Registration Certificate will be Same across the Country


To deal with the problems arising due to different driving license formats in different states, the central government has decided to create a similar driving license across the country. The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has issued a new notification. This scheme is being implemented in Punjab from 1 February 2021, which will become the first state in the country to implement the scheme.

According to the notification, the format of driving license (DL) and registration certificate (RC) of each state of the country will be the same. The color of all driving licenses and registration certificates will also be the same. All the information related to the license holder or vehicle owner will be in one place.  

Soon, registration certificates and driving licenses in light and blue colors will be made and delivered to people’s homes. 

Driving licence would be renamed as Indian Union Driving License and registration certificate would be renamed as Indian Union Vehicle Registration Certificate.

Due to this scheme, the irregularities and errors in the driving license and registration certificate will also be curbed.