Corona Vaccine @250 Per Dose


The second phase of corona vaccination in the country will begin from March 1. In this, 10 million elderly people above 60 years and those with serious illness &  above 45 years of age will get vaccines. Vaccination will be free in government hospitals. 250 rupees per dose will have to be given in private hospitals, that is, 500 rupees of both doses will be taken here. RS Sharma, Chairman of Empowered Group of Vaccine Administration for Covid-19 and CEO of National Health Authority, said that the private hospital will incur a service charge of Rs 100 per dose and Rs 150. The government pays them 150 rupees per dose.  The Covin 2.0 app has not yet been launched for registration, it will launch on Sunday or Monday. The central government has also decided which people will get Corona vaccines in government and private hospitals. At the same time, since the start of vaccination of Corona on January 16, one crore 42 lakh 42 thousand 547 doses have been applied so far. An average of 14,554 doses per 10 lakh population have been given in the country.