Chinese did not give entry to Dadagiri, WHO’s corona investigation team in the country


Beijing A sample of China’s Dadagiri has appeared before the world. The investigation team of China World Health Organization has not given permission to enter their country (Not Allowed to Enter in China). The WHO team was seeking permission to enter Coronavirus-related investigations in China.China has been accused of hiding coronavirus related facts. Recently, researchers from the China Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also accused the Chinese government of hiding cases of corona infection in Wuhan. Chinese researchers said that the population of Wuhan is about 10 million, so according to the study, about 5 million people in Wuhan may have corona infection.

However, in Wuhan only 50,354 is almost 10 times more than official cases. Tedros disappointed due to this attitude of China In contrast, China has been claiming that the infection of coronavirus has not spread from here to the world. WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has said that the Chinese authorities have not allowed the team of experts

Tedros said that a year after the outbreak of the coronavirus outbreak, the WHO team of experts had to come to China to find out the source of the epidemic. There was a worldwide eye on this journey.

Leaders of several countries, including US President Donald Trump, accused China of hiding information related to coronaviruses. The WHO said that China had earlier allowed an investigation team of experts of 10 people who were going to visit China this week.