BJP MLA said – Chicken biryani going on in farmers’ movement, danger of bird flu outbreak


Rajasthan BJP leader and MLA Madan Dilawar has given a disputed statement amid the Kisan Andolan movement on the Delhi border. He said that there is a conspiracy to spread bird flu by eating chicken biryani in the farmers movement. Dilawar said that the central government should stop the agitators from gathering with immediate effect so that the countrymen can be saved from the outbreak of bird flu.

What BJP MLA said BJP MLA Dilawar alleged that people sitting in the Kisan agitation are having parties of chicken biryani, dry fruit and other delicious mines everyday. Due to this, the risk of bird flu is increasing. These so-called farmers are not worried about the country. This is not a peasant movement but a picnic is being celebrated

Controversial comment on farmer movement Not only this, Dilawar also expressed the possibility of hiding the terrorists among the people involved in the peasant movement. He said, ‘There can be terrorists, robbers and thieves among them and they can also be enemies of farmers. All these people want to ruin the country. If the government does not remove them from the movement sites, then bird flu can become a major problem. Let us tell you that MLA Dilawar is also the State General Secretary of Rajasthan BJP.