Bird Flu also threatens humans? Doctors said, “Fewer chances of getting infected, but caution is necessary”


After this, the animal and bird departments of other states have been kept on alert in view of the possible danger. Considering the rapid spread of bird flu so far, it is feared that in the next few days many other states may also be affected.New Delhi: Bird Flu, which is spreading rapidly in the midst of Coronavirus crisis, has increased concern. After Maharashtra, this has also been confirmed in Delhi (Delhi). With this, the bird flu that started from Kerala has so far caught 9 states. Apart from Kerala, bird flu has reached Gujarat, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Delhi and Uttar Pradesh. A large number of birds other than crows have died in these states.

Mortality rate is higher than corona

Amidst the increasing pace of bird flu infection, questions have arisen as to whether bird flu can spread to humans as well. What precautions can prevent this danger? The disease is caused by the influenza type-A H5N1 virus. According to scientists, the virus can spread from birds to humans, but its chances are quite low. However, he also says that if a person stays among the infected birds for a long time, then the bird flu can catch him.At the same time, according to a report of the World Health Organization, the death rate due to H5N1 is about 60 percent, which is more than the corona virus. Because of this, the spread of bird flu has increased anxiety.