Ban on Burqa in Switzerland


After France, Belgium and Austria, Switzerland has now banned Muslim women from wearing hijabs and burqas in public places. In a referendum held in Switzerland, 51.2 percent of voters voted in favor of banning the burqa. Seven countries including Europe, Germany, Austria, Denmark, France, Belgium, Latvia and Bulgaria have banned the hijab. Proponents of the verdict consider it a step to defend against fundamentalism, while opponents are calling it discrimination.  Only 50.8 percentage of voters took part in voting.  

With the enactment of the law, women will not be able to cover their face, walk in public places, restaurants, stadiums, public transport and the road. However, she will be able to cover her face at religious places, for health and safety reasons.

Switzerland’s member of the Swiss People’s Party and head of the mandate committee, Walter Wobmann, said, Switzerland does not have a face-covering tradition. Covering the face is extremism and the politicization of Islam.  

Lucerne Vivi claimed in a survey that 30% of women in Switzerland covered the face with a mask in public places. Muslims are 5.2% of Switzerland’s 86 million population.