Attack on Capitol Hill boosts Trump’s staunch supporters


Political analysts are worried about the news coming from the ground level amid all the discussions about the impeachment of US President Donald Trump. After the attack on Capitol Hill (Parliament House), the Democratic Party is preparing to impeach Trump on charges of inciting this attack. Through this step, the party wants to set an example.At the same time, his thinking is that if the impeachment motion is passed, then Trump will be banned from contesting elections in future. But according to reports, these efforts are not breaking the spirits of the pro-Trump groups.

According to a report by TV channel Al-Azira, the right-wing and white nationalist groups have considered the attack on Capitol Hill a major success. “White nationalists and other right-wing groups are celebrating what happened on Capitol Hill,” said Secy Miller, an expert on right-wing groups and researcher associated with the think-tank Southern Poverty Center.Going inside the Parliament House, he is using the photographs of the rebels sitting in the Chambers in his campaign. He says that the revolution has started with that incident.

Analysts say Trump’s victory in the 2016 presidential election was considered by the right-wing groups to be the beginning of the revolution. Now that Trump will not be in power, these groups are taking this opportunity to start this violent revolution. Richard Spencer, a supporter of the white nation, has been claiming the beginning of the revolution since Trump’s National Policy Institute became president.Spencer was also seen several times with Tim Gionet, who was involved in the attack on Capitol Hill. Spencer and Trump supporter Proud Boys Group organized the ‘Unite the Right Rally’ in the city of Charlotteville in 2017, during which violence erupted. The Trump supporter rally in Washington on January 6 was organized by the Proud Boys and organizations like that.Angeli has long been busy spreading right-wing ideas. He is trying to spread the thoughts of Qinon, a group that spreads conspiracy stories. It is Quenon who has spread the story that Trump was defeated in the presidential election by the liberal groups who sexually abuse children.

After the January 6 incident, Internet companies have started disabling the apps and their social media accounts of the right-wing groups. Some experts say that this has made the future of groups like Qinon uncertain.But Alex Kaplan, associated with an organization called Media Matters, has told al-Jazeera that there is no firm information about whether QNon is just an online group. The offline damage he has caused is in front of us all.

According to experts, there is not much information about the relationship between groups such as Qinon and Proud Boys. But all the indications are that these organizations have not lost their spirits due to discussions like arrests and impeachment. Sesi Miller said that after Trump’s defeat, there is talk of him ‘violently destroying democracy’.These groups believe that this is the only way they can achieve their objective. According to Miller, violent rebellion is a well-known method of radical right-wing groups. It now appears that this thinking has penetrated more widely among Trump’s supporters.

Other experts also believe that there is no way to eliminate such groups immediately. So there will be a possibility of violence and pro-Trump demonstrations in the near future.