Apple iPhone 13 Pro models may get the most-anticipated display feature, 120Hz refresh rate


Since last year, Apple fans have been debating over the fact that when the company will include 120Hz refresh rate feature in its iPhones. This was said to come in iPhone 12 series last year but the rumours were busted soon by tipsters and analysts. And soon after the iPhone 12 launch, we started hearing the same rumours for iPhone 13. But this time, more number of credible analysts and tipsters have backed up the fact. One of the prolific Apple tipsters, Jon Prosser, has also been backing up 120Hz refresh rate feature for iPhone 13 since months. And he has done the same in his latest analysis.

In his latest video, Prosser has cited a couple of reports stating that 120Hz panel is indeed coming to 2021 iPhones. However, it might not be there in all the four rumoured models. Although the names of the new iPhones have not been finalized, they are likely to be named with ‘iPhone 13’ moniker. 

And like last time, two of them might be the ‘Pro’ models. Backing the reports, Prosser says that the rumoured iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max will be the ones with 120Hz panel, not the regular iPhone 13 and 13 Mini devices.

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Meanwhile, a couple of new reports have also suggested that foldable iPhone prototypes have been approved internally for their durability. These two prototypes were being tested in Foxconn’s factory in Shenzhen, China. While one of them reportedly has a dual screen, the other one has a clamshell design just like Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip or Moto Razr.