Amazon will now conduct competitive entrance examinations in India; Amazon academy launched to help students


new Delhi. Amazon India has announced the launch of the Amazon academy to help students preparing for JEE (JEE) (joint entrance exam) admission to engineering colleges. The online preparation offer will provide students with in-depth knowledge and practice through Maths, Physics, Chemistry in JEE-prepared teaching material, live lectures and comprehensive evaluation. The beta version of Amazon Academy will be available for free on the web and the Google Play Store.

At the launch, Amazon Academy will offer students a series of JEE preparatory resources, including mock tests specifically designed by industry experts, including more than 15,000 chosen questions and staged solutions for practice. Mock tests include chapter test, part test and full test, which simulate the JEE pattern. Which will help the students to prepare for the exam from their convenience.

The Amazon Academy will conduct a live All India Mock Test (AIMT) at scheduled intervals. These tests are designed to provide an understanding and experience of JEE which helps the students to understand the nuances of the exam. Along with understanding the concepts and solving the questions effectively, providing the necessary tools to the students will also benefit from shortcuts, mnemonics, tips and tricks.

Students can join expert faculty in real time, learn concepts and clear their doubts. The Amazon Academy will offer scheduled lessons, daily practice problems and regular tests starting with a crash course for the upcoming JEE Main, bringing more discipline and seriousness to the students’ method of study.

The Amazon Academy will help candidates know where they stand in the all-India rank in the respective mock tests and, moreover, through personal reports analyzing the time and ability of the student according to the Academy chapter of their test performance. Will help in assessing.

Students will be able to assess their progress and compare their performance with those of the JEE candidates who have participated in the test at the same time at the Amazon Academy. Students can track their progress over time, identify their strong and weak areas, and get detailed information on the overall strategy of the test.

All the teaching materials and exam content have been prepared by expert faculty from across the country. Apart from JEE from the available quality content resources, those preparing for BITSAT, VITEEE, SRMJEEE, and MET exams will also benefit. Currently the content is available for free and it will be available for free for the next few months.