After Sana Khan, now ‘Roadies’ fame Saqib Khan said goodbye to the showbiz industry for Islam


Roadies Revolution Contestant and model Saqib Khan ,has said goodbye to the world of glamor. He has taken this decision to follow the path of religion and Islam. Shakib himself has announced this by sharing a long post on social media. In this post, he said that now he will not work in modeling or acting in the future. He also said that I was misled by the way of Allah. Shakib Khan will not do any modeling or acting in future now, while sharing a photo of him in the post, “Aslamalekum brothers and sisters. Hopefully all of you will be fine. Today’s post is about an announcement. And that I am leaving the showbiz industry. So I will not do any modeling or acting in future. It is not that I did not have work or I gave up. I had a lot of good projects. I just did not wish to be with Allah. Surely something better and better Allah would have thought for me, InshaAllah. He is the best planner.”

I was going against the policy and doctrine of Islam. Saqib further wrote, “As far as I have seen, it is very hard to get stuck in Mumbai. It is very difficult to survive here, but I can proudly say that within 1 year  I got a lot of fame and fan following. But that is nothing for the world and for the last time. I was misguided and going against the policy and principle of Islam. There was a lack. And that lack was relaxed and my accountability to Allah. That is why I am now fully in front of Allah. The peace that I was looking for was in front of me, in my book i.e. the Quran.”

Allah gave me the opportunity to repent. Saqib wrote, “I thank Allah very much that they gave me the opportunity to repent and accept me wholeheartedly. Because I see miracles happening in my life. Also I read my holy book Quran wholeheartedly, so I feel very peaceful and relieved, Alhamdulillah. There is a phrase – after eating 100 mouse ,the cat goes to Hajj. But not everyone is accepted in Hajj.” 

Saqib has also mentioned many things said by Allah. He has also apologized to Allah for his mistakes. This post of Saqib is becoming increasingly viral on social media. Many of his fans and users are reacting to his post.