After discussing the Corona Vaccination, PM Modi said, ‘Center will bear the cost of vaccine of frontline workers’


New Delhi: The world’s largest Corona Vaccination campaign will start in the country from January 16. In a virtual meeting with the Chief Ministers of the states, PM Narendra Modi said that we have to do public awareness. In the first phase, 3 crore people will be given the Corona vaccine. PM Modi said, ‘Center will bear the cost of vaccination of frontline workers.’

‘States gave good suggestions on vaccination’
PM Modi (Narendra Modi) said, ‘We had a discussion on the world’s largest vaccination campaign (Corona vaccination). Good suggestions have been received from the states. This dialogue played a role in the fight with Corona. In the year 1965, Shastri ji had said in the administrative conference that the basic idea of ​​governance is to hold the society together so it can develop and march towards certain goal. Today, due to these meetings and efforts, the situation in the country did not get out of hand due to Corona virus. Today there is no tension in the country as before, but we do not have to be careless.

‘Made in India vaccine is a matter of pride for the country’
PM Modi praised the administration of the states and said that he worked day and night. Now the world’s largest vaccination campaign (Corona vaccination) is starting in the country from 16 January. Two corona vaccines have been made in the country. Both vaccines are made in India. It is a matter of pride for the whole country. At the same time, four more vaccine trials are in the final stages. Those medicines will also come soon for vaccination.

Scientists work hard to make vaccine ‘
PM Narendra Modi said that all the scientists have worked very hard for this vaccine and took full care. Many people used to say why the vaccine has not come in India till now. Then we said that when the scientists will do OK, then only this vaccine will be launched. PM Modi said that our vaccines are more economical and effective than other corona vaccines in the world. If we were dependent on foreign vaccine, our condition would be bad like other countries.