90% unemployed in Rajasthan renewed allowance, know where the waiting reached


Under Rajasthan Chief Minister Yuva Sambal Yojana, 1,59,113 unemployed are currently getting allowance. Waiting includes 2,05,175 unemployed, who are verified. At the same time, the number of unverified applications in the state is around 18 thousand. Also, during the Corona period, about 90 percent of the unemployed people have taken away the allowance. Due to which, for the first time the waiting has crossed 2 lakh.

Significantly, the state has a limit to give allowance to only 1.60 lakh unemployed. Speaking of last year 2019, then the waiting for verified applications was less than 1 lakh. But during the Corona period in 2020, the registration of unemployed was more and 90% of the old had renewed. Whereas renewal was done only around 50% last year. 420 crore has been distributed in the financial year till December.

There are 1.56 beneficiaries in 2019 and 1.59 in 2020. State unemployed can take allowance for 2 years. But it is necessary to renew a year. In such a situation, in July, more than 80 thousand new unemployed people will get an opportunity to take allowance. Because in July 2019 a large number of allowances started.

Let me tell you that in the state, women and disabled people get 3500 rupees, while men get 3 thousand rupees as allowance.